Check Enforcement Program

The District Attorney’s Check Enforcement Program is a diversion program that was established in 2005 to assist merchants and individuals in recovering losses from dishonored checks that were intentionally written. One of the primary goals of the Program is to return the money to the victims. The Program is a multi-faceted approach that includes:

• Assistance in recovering money lost to dishonored checks.
• Pursuit and prosecution of check offenders who refuse to make restitution.
• Programs to reduce the number of dishonored checks received by merchants/individuals.
• Education to help check offenders avoid future dishonored checks.

Because the primary goal is returning more to businesses and individuals who have lost money to dishonored checks, check offenders pay all the costs of the program so that victims pay nothing.

Diversion programs such as this dramatically reduce the case load for law enforcement and the courts. However, this doesn’t mean prosecution is not an option. Offenders who fail to comply with the conditions of the Check Enforcement Program or continue to write dishonored checks after being in the Program are still subject to possible criminal prosecution.

The Check Enforcement Program is operated under a contract with BounceBack, a company from Missouri used by District Attorney’s Offices throughout the country, and supervised by staff from the District Attorney’s Office in Onondaga County.

Any individual or merchant who receives a bad check and has been unable to collect it can take advantage of this program by registering either online at or by calling the Check Enforcement Program hotline number at 1-888-711-0103.