Felony Trial Bureau

The Felony Trial Bureau is responsible for prosecuting the bulk of felonies in Onondaga County that do not fall under the auspices of other specialized bureaus. The bureau is staffed by a Felony Trial Bureau Chief who screens every case assigned to his or her bureau and 7-8 experienced Assistant District Attorneys.  The bureau prosecutes felonies ranging from larcenies to attempted murder.  The average caseload of a felony trial bureau ADA is 80 – 100 cases at one time.

The responsibilities of the bureau include the prosecution of assault cases leading to physical or serious physical injury; robbery cases (whether or not a weapon was used); home invasion burglaries as well as the more traditional burglary involving theft from a home or non-residential building. The Felony Trial Bureau also is responsible for prosecuting thefts and/or possession of stolen property with a value of over $1,000.00.

Special emphasis is given to gun crimes criminal possession of illegal weapon cases. Specific ADA’s are assigned to handle these cases.  They are typically “fast tracked” (indicted within 5 days).  The District Attorney has adopted a policy of zero tolerance to the possession of illegal handguns.

The Felony Trial Bureau also reviews arrest warrant applications for sufficiency and appropriate action.

The Felony Trial Bureau works closely with the specialized bureaus to ensure efficient utilization of office resources and expertise.