Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch is “People Caring About People”. The concept has been around since the mid 1960’s to deter crime. Since then, quality of life issues have been incorporated. It is knowing your neighborhood and working to keep crime out and your quality of life high.

Nationally, Neighborhood Watch is administered by the Sheriff’s Office. In Onondaga County, Neighborhood Watch is divided into two oversight groups. Within the City of Syracuse, the Syracuse Police administers Neighborhood Watch (Neighborhood Watch Groups of Syracuse). In the remainder of the county, the Sheriff’s Office covers the responsibility (Neighborhood Watch of CNY). Between the two departments there are more than 200 active Neighborhood Watch groups that help any neighborhood where people want to get together and make the environment a safer, more pleasant place to live.

If you would like more information about how to form a Neighborhood Watch group in your area contact the following:

Onondaga County Sheriff’s Office – Neighborhood Watch of CNY
(315) 435-3201

Neighborhood Watch Groups of Syracuse (NWGS)
Contact Tony Borelli, Program Coordinator
(315) 448-8762