Narcotics Bureau

This Bureau is responsible for the prosecution of all narcotics-related cases as well as those involving illegal gambling and vice-type cases. Along with the traditional prosecutorial responsibilities, the Assistant District Attorneys (ADAs) assigned to this bureau handle many investigations from low level street dealing to high level electronic eavesdropping cases.

The Bureau also is involved in the debriefing of cooperating defendants, which requires a written Debriefing Agreement and working closely with the law enforcement agency involved in that particular matter. All ADAs in the Bureau handle a varied case load and are expected to maintain contact with law enforcement personnel, as well as be available to consult with law enforcement in both narcotics cases and other type cases as it relates to legal matters, the majority of which concern search warrants and warrantless search situations. This is not only done in the practical settings, but also in the classroom setting where many ADAs of the Bureau have lectured on the various search issues that confront law enforcement.