Homicide Bureau

The Homicide Bureau consists of the trial lawyers who have the appropriate experience, skill, and work ethic to handle the most serious cases in the District Attorney’s Office.  They must be attorneys who are so dedicated to seeing justice done that they are willing to put their personal lives on hold while they work countless hours, day and night to investigate, prepare and present the best possible case for the People. Not all attorneys in the office will have the opportunity to prosecute homicides; assignment of attorneys for homicides is made directly by the District Attorney or First Chief ADA.

It is the policy of this office that the homicide prosecutor responds to the initial homicide crime scene with the investigating police agency to view the scene first hand and provide legal assistance, advice and make the charging decisions. The ADA will follow the case, working with the police agency until such time as an arrest is made and the defendant is arraigned in the appropriate court. All future court appearances and legal action in the homicide case are the responsibility of the assigned ADA.