Municipal Court Pretrial Negotiations

Defense attorneys may contact the Assistant District Attorney assigned to the respective Justice/Village Court directly to conference Violation, Misdemeanor, and V&T cases.

For Violation and Misdemeanor cases, please include in your email your client’s name, the police report number(s) [“DR#], and the charge(s).

For V&T cases, please attach a copy of your client’s ticket and Driver’s Abstract in your email.  If the ticket involves a motor vehicle accident, a letter from the insurance company stating all property/personal injury damages have been paid in full must also be attached.

Please refer to the table below to contact the appropriate Assistant District Attorney.

Contact Information:

  Town/Village Judge ADA EMail
Baldwinsville (Village) Elijah Huling, Jr. Joseph Murphy
Timothy F. McMahon Joseph Murphy
Camillus Matthew J. Dotzler
[A – K]
Bradley Oastler
John J. Petosa
[L – Z]
Joseph Murphy
Cicero David Bruffet, Jr.
[A – L]
John Centra
Douglas M. DeMarche, Jr.
[M – Z]
Caitlyn Buckman
Clay Brian J. Lauri
[A – K]
Megan Hartl
Jeffrey J. Schiano
[L – Z]
John Boyd, II
Dewitt David S. Gideon
[A – K]
Stephanie Martin-Thom
Robert L. Jokl, Jr.
[L – Z]
Michael Ouelette
E. Syracuse (Village) Joseph J. Zavaglia Ariana Doty
Helena A. Glassford Ariana Doty
Elbridge George L. Betts Michael Mascari
Gale Mitchell Michael Mascari
Fabius Denise Johnson Michael Mascari
Fayetteville (Village) James Hughes Ariana Doty
Geddes John D. Kinsella Christopher Clark
Daniel F. Mathews, III Douglas Bullock
Jordan (Village) Michael A. Weirs Colin Lynch
George Betts Colin Lynch
LaFayette Andrew W. Shute Judson Knappen
Maureen A. Perrin Judson Knappen
Liverpool (Village) Anthony C. LaValle Douglas Bullock
Lysander Charles J. Mantione, Jr. Darienn Balin
Michael M. Bryant Darienn Balin
Manlius (Town) Robert O’Leary Sara Fitzpatrick
Salvatore A. Pavone John Centra
Manlius (Village) Joseph Greenman John Boyd
TBD John Boyd
Marcellus Mary Reagan Dailey Kaitlyn Guptill
Matthew S. Moses Kaitlyn Guptill
Mino (Village) Janet K. Stanley Jeffrey Albert
Jeanette Zacharias Jeffrey Albert
Onondaga Patrick M. Kilmartin Judson Knappen
William W. Rose Sara Fitzpatrick
Otisco James T. Foody Stephanie Martin-Thom
Pompey Trent Amond Michael Ouelette
Ralph Cognetti Michael Ouelette
Salina Paul G. Carey
[A – K]
Christopher Clark
Andrew N. Piraino Colin Lynch
Skaneateles Kathleen H. Dell Bradley Oastler
Charles T. Major, Jr. Bradley Oastler
Solvay (Village) Daniel F. Mathews, III Kaitlyn Guptill
Anthony Noce Kaitlyn Guptill
Spafford Jeffrey Prego Anthony Mangovski
Tully F. Stephen Bailey
[A – L[
Darienn Balin
Gary R. Malone
[M – Z]
Darienn Balin
VanBuren Darlene M. O’Kane Caitlyn Buckman
Edward G. VanDerWater Megan Hartl