Safe Schools Information Coalition

The Safe Schools Information Coalition (SSIC), created in 2006, is a collaboration between the Onondaga County District Attorney’s Office, Onondaga County Departments such as the Law Department, Probation, Juvenile Justice, and Children and Family Services; human service programs involved with schools and students, Family Court, and School Resource Officers (SROs) and Youth Officers from various police agencies in Onondaga County and neighboring counties (Cortland, Madison, and Oswego), and the New York State Police.

SSIC meets monthly throughout the school year. Its objective is to discuss and share information about issues and concerns taking place in the schools and their surrounding community such as thefts, drugs, bullying including cyber-bullying, cellphone texting issues, social media issues, violence, and school threats.  Guest speakers are also invited to speak about programs, protocols, and resources available to SROs, school administrators, and agencies who work with youth.

SSIC shares valuable information and experience among its members by bringing all available resources together, including training opportunities for SROs. Financial assistance is offered through the Onondaga County District Attorney’s Office to any law enforcement personnel whose department is not able to assist with registration fees.  The communication shared allows SSIC members to be better prepared and informed on how to deal with the issues they are facing in the schools and the community they serve as a whole, as well as how to contend with the growing mental health needs of the students.